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How Driver Scorecards Can Level Up Your Safety Management Program


Join us for our final Connected Customer Webinar of 2020 as we dive into how IntelliShift's safety solution can help proactively reduce risk and increase efficiency across your business operations. 

Patrick Quiery, Technical Product Manager, will discuss how you can configure driver scorecards to meet your organization's safety goals. You will learn more about how you can use those insights to view trends and ensure best safety practices are in place.

There will also be a live demo and an opportunity for you to submit questions and have them answered by Patrick during the Q&A segment at the end of the webinar.

Come away with:

  • How driver scorecards can proactively address operator safety issues
  • Ways you can use driver scorecards to keep your safety goals on track
  • How you can manage, monitor, and coach drivers to mitigate risk
  • Best practices for using driver scorecards to streamline your safety program



Patrick Headshot

Patrick Quiery 

Technical Product Manager