Go Beyond Siloed GPS Tracking and Connect Your Field and Asset Operations

Imagine this: One of your drivers is completing their pre-trip inspection and reports a chip in his windshield. Maintenance is automatically notified and notices the same vehicle is due for an oil change in two weeks. A automated business process now kicks off….. A new windshield for the van has been ordered and will arrive in 3 days. Next a notification is sent to your driver, dispatcher, and fleet manager that the van is scheduled for the windshield replacement and an oil change 4 days from now.  

The technology we use today has come a long way since the inception of vehicle tracking and now there's so much more you can accomplish when different processes, data, and teams are more connected. Learn how you can connect your operations beyond GPS tracking. We’ll dive into: 

  • Best practices for consolidating systems and connecting operations from safety and maintenance to field operations.
  • The impact of rigid legacy systems that are hard to configure and difficult to integrate.
  • The benefits of moving to a digitized world with paperless operations, online KPIs and Scorecards, and optimized asset and resource utilization.



Matt Aspinwall

Solutions Engineer Team Lead